About Aastha Organics

Aastha organics is one of the pioneers when it comes to supplying bio products and organic products. As an organisation, we put our best effort to supply products of unadulterated quality to shops across towns and cities.

Who we are ?

Aastha organics is one of the leading suppliers of bio pesticides and bio fertilisers of unmatched quality.

The organisation, set up in 2013, has grown from strength to strength. Our main clients are shopkeepers and small businesses, who are warmly welcome to reach out to us. We also tie hands with farmers who are the backbone of our establishment. The credit for what and how we eat needs to be attributed to our farmer friends, and we are proud to say that we endeavour to build a bridge between the farmers and the city/town shopkeepers.

With 34 bio products in our kitty so far, we have been able to keep pace with the ever-expanding demand of the agricultural world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an authentic and a dependable link between farmers and shopkeepers, and to establish ourselves as the most bankable supplier of bio pesticides and bio fertilisers. It is also in the best of our interest to meet the demand of businesses of all scales. We also aim to promote organic culture habit.

Our Vision

Aastha Organics has a strong vision. The aim is to create a long-term relationship with our clients so that there is a regular and steady flow of products. In this manner, the farmers too can maximise their benefits while we also believe in helping businessmen to reach their full potential and to strengthen their market share.

Our Values

1 Responsibility -Our team shoulders responsibility to ensure high quality, great pricing and timely supply for all.
2 Transparency -We believe in transparency and fairness in terms and conditions. This helps us in securing a healthy relationship.
3 Excellence -We pride ourselves in quality and authenticity. Excellence is something we are aiming for.
4 Honesty -Honesty is equated to Aastha Organics. The organisation and its staffs believe in cementing an honest relationship with all clients.