Dx Fungi Combo Kit

Dx Fungi Combo Kit

200g / 500g

Dx Combo Kit is based on Pseudomonas Fluorescens and Trichoderma bacteria. It can protect against Seed and soil borne diseases such as leaf blight in chili, dumping of tomatoes and beneficial for prevention of seeds Rot in black gram etc. It produces hydrogen cyanide and antibiotics etc.Pseudomonas Fluorescents and Trichoderma Virdi is known as Plant Growth Processing Rhizobacteria (PGPR). This protects the plants from fungus and bacterial diseases. It produces auxiliary substance in the development of plants, which makes good development of plants.

Land Treatment:

Quantity: Aastha Derma Dx 500 gm +, Aastha Pseudo Dx 500 gm +, Bramastar, Powder 50 kg

Seed Treatment:

Quantity: Aastha Derma Dx 5 gm +, Aastha Pseudo Dx 5 gm +, 25ml of water in 1kg seed

Plant Treatment:

Quantity: Aastha Derma Dx 20 gm +, Aastha Pseudo Dx 20 gm +, 1 ltr. water

Soil Treatment:

Quantity: Aastha Derma Dx 250 gm +, Aastha Pseudo Dx 250 gm +, 100 ltr. water

Usage method:

Push-1121 and Mucchal 1401, P131Jhanda Disease is released from these verity. Therefore, It is important to have a seed treatment with Dx combo kit.